School Uniform Reminder

Dear Parent/Carer

With this academic year at an end, I thought it would it be helpful to remind parents of our uniform so that you can be fully prepared for the start of the new year in September.

The school has a clear school uniform and dress code which is expected for all pupils from Reception to Year 6. These expectations are outlined in our school prospectus and in our parents leaflets at the beginning of the academic year. There is also information on our website including a link to our uniform supplier. 

Please ensure that your child/ren comply with our school uniform.

From September your child will be expected to wear the following school uniform:-

General school uniform- all individual items to be labelled with child’s full name

Black/grey- skirt, trousers or shorts 

White top- polo shirt, blouse or shirt 

Red school sweatshirt or cardigan 

Red summer dress optional for girls 

Footwear – Several parents have raised concerns about the growing trend for children to wear certain brands of trainers eg Converse, and the fact that this causes financial pressures and can potentially lead to competition between children as to who is wearing the latest, most expensive trainers etc.

I would like to appeal to all parents and carers to support Brookburn in maintaining a uniform policy that does not cause any child to feel that they may not be as popular with their peers unless they wear a certain style or brand of shoes.

Therefore Brookburn will be adopting the following policy on school shoes: 

General day wear – sensible flat shoes or trainers in plain black or a similar dark colour only – no neon or fluorescent brand markings, stripes or logos.

Plain white or black socks or plain white, black or red tights.

NB All these items can be purchased from our school uniform website

PE kit – to be kept in a draw string bag clearly labelled with child’s full name.

Plain black shorts or leggings (plain black tracksuit bottoms for Winter)

Plain white t-shirt ( Plain black sweatshirt for Winter)

Black plimsoles or plain black or white trainers – no logos, coloured stripes or brand names.

Long hair to be tied back for safety.

Den Kit – to be kept in a draw string bag clearly labelled with child’s full name

Wellies or old pair of trainers

Children may bring their own waterproof trousers to put on over their uniform.

No Jewellery apart from small stud earings

In the interests of health and safety the wearing of jewellery (apart from stud earings) is forbidden.

Why it is important to wear the correct school uniform 

  • It helps a child’s sense of belonging and pride in their school.
  •  It helps reinforce children’s responsibility to look after their own clothes and belongings and to be appropriately prepared for lessons and learning.
  • It is also helps to ease behavioural issues or upset which may occur as a result of “competition” over the latest brands or high street names.-no time wasted deciding what to wear each day to keep up with peer pressure.
  • It supports a positive attitude towards learning and school readiness.

At Brookburn we are proud of our diverse school community and the way our children enjoy expressing and celebrating their individuality. We therefore ensure that throughout the school year children get opportuities to wear their own clothes at events such as international day, themed days or during non uniform days.


We appreciate that school uniform can be expensive and that it is frustrating when items get misplaced. Every day, without fail, we have parents and carers frustrated by yet another lost jumper or coat or lunchbox.

Let’s work together to solve this problem:-

What we will do

We will remind children to tidy up after themselves and bring any left/lost belongings into school to return to their owners or place in the lost property bins.

We will always return labelled items to that child’s class as long as the child’s full name is clear.

We will remind older children that they are responsible for their own belongings and to look after other people’s belongings should they come across them.

We ask you to

Label all your child’s belongings with their full name.

Make older children responsible for their belongings.

Thank you for your full co-operation in this matter.


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