Brookburn Community Primary School
Pupil Premium Grant Report 2012-13

 The Pupil Premium that is received by the school annually is used in a variety of ways in order to improve pupil attainment and to help overcome any barriers to learning.

We have utilised strategies from ‘Narrowing the gap’ and the Sutton Trust Education Endowment Foundation toolkit, which has been researched and analysed extensively, to inform us of the best ways to use this money.

We will measure the success of pupil premium allocation in the following ways:-

  1. The percentage of pupils achieving L4 English and maths combined
  • How many pupils eligible for PPG achieve L4 maths and English combined compared to the national Average for other PPG pupils and the national average for all pupils.
  • How effectively are we narrowing the gap between pupils on FSM and those who are not on PPG in achieving L4 in maths and English combined.

Evidence shows that children that achieve Level 4 are more likely to succeed at GCSE.

  1. The percentage of pupils on PPG that achieve above the national average in attendance.

We also ensure that all our PPG children will experience the following by the end of year 6.

  • Opportunity to play a musical instrument
  • Participate in a production or school assembly
  • Receive good sports coaching
  • Attend a residential visit
Pupil Premium Grant 2012-13
Total number of pupils on roll 468
Total number of pupils eligible for PPG 26
Total number of pupils on school budget share £900.00
Total amount of PPG received £23,400
How PPG children have performed in 2012/13
% pupils entitled to PPG achieving Level 4+ in English and maths combined 88%
% achieving above the national average attendance 96%

We used the PPG to fund the following activities:-

Accelerating Progress

Focus intervention groups to develop maths, reading and writing in targeted pupils, across all year groups, identified by robust tracking data.

Partially funding specialist reading recovery teacher in Year 1 and 2

Enrichment activities and pastoral care

Subsidising enrichment activities e.g. trips, workshops, specialist speakers, activities, musical instrument tuition and resources.

Funding towards after school clubs, specialist sports coaching