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KS1 / EYFS presentation to parents 

We now have Parent Videos available for you to view.


2016 National Tests guidance from Standards and Testing Agency

For more information on the new curriculum and assessment without levels please visit the following sites:-

Professor Tim Oates-talks about changes to assessment in the new curriculum and the rationale behind moving away from levels.

Chair of the Expert Panel responsible for reviewing the National Curriculum in 2010, resulting in the brand new curriculum we now have in 2014.

Click on the link above to go to Youtube and watch his video explaining the thinking behind the new curriculum and, more importantly why assessment ‘levels’ have been removed- to move towards children being assessed on their secure understanding of key concepts and skills rather than achieving a ‘level 4’- ie ‘teaching fewer things in greater depth’.

Link to the DfE site information on the new national curriculum 2014

Link to curriculum overviews for each year group from Year 1 through to Yr6 provided by Michael Tidd via his website

Link to the overviews

Link to ‘The School Run’ website which has a wealth of information for parents and carers on many school issues including the new curriculum.

Link to the DfE site information on the Special Educational Needs and Disability Code of Practice 0-25yrs

We will be adding to this as we develop more aspects of our curriculum and assessment.

You can also keep up to date with what your child is learning by following their class blog, via the link on our website  AND you can follow us on Twitter here.