School Uniform


You can purchase school uniform and other items with free delivery and returns from our officially approved supplier “Your School Uniform”.

Please click here to access the website and browse the online catalogue.

Please click here for a 6-step guide to ordering school uniform online.

Please support us by ensuring that your child/ren comply with our school uniform which is as follows:
Black/grey – skirt, trousers or shorts
White top – polo shirt, blouse or shirt
Red school sweatshirt or cardigan
Red summer dress optional for girls
Sensible black or similar dark colour shoes that support the feet are the most appropriate for general day to day school activities
In the interests of health and safety, the wearing of jewellery (apart from stud earrings, which the child should be able to remove themselves) is forbidden.

Please ensure all items are clearly labelled with the child’s full name so that misplaced items can be quickly returned. 

Children do, and will continue to get opportunities to wear their own clothes at events such as International Day or during non uniform days.